Thursday, February 14, 2008

God is up to something

A lot has happened since the last post. God is really up to some great things in my life. I turned 30! My youngest daughter Abby turned 1 and took a couple of steps this past week.

We had several kids compete in the AWANA quiz bowl and they did extremely well. Our Saturday night elementary Kids Church has been growing to about 50 each saturday night and our Sunday AM kids church is at about 55-60. AWANA is growing steady with about 100 each Wed night. We've scheduled several more baptisms of kids who have recently given their lives to the Lord.

I've had the honor of writing several articles for the Saturday Pine Bluff Commercial in the church section. Several times over the last couple of weeks while I've been out running erands, I've had a few people say thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad God can use me to lift Him up. I pray its not about me but a tool to bring others closer to Him.

I've been hard at work getting the advertisement materials done for the Easter Experience Outdoor Passion Play. Posters for store windows, invite cards, 10,000 mailout postcards, newspaper ads, banners, and even some arrangements for television interviews closer to the event. I finished editing the passion play soundtrack today. In about 50 minutes, there are 13 scenes from the Last Supper to the Ressurection. It is really going to be an awesome demonstration and experience of Christ's redemptive sacrifice on the cross. Over 100 people are busy, busy, busy building sets, sewing costumes, acting and all kinds of behind the scenes activities. We're planning on 1,000 poeple each night. I pray we reach 5,000+ people with the Gospel of Christ this Easter.

Our Life Group is going really well. We are reaching out to 3 new couples and one of them came to group last time. The other two are susposed to come next time.

I've had several opportunities this past week through phone calls and meetings to see more people grow in Christ. The victories have been great - tough to walk through - but great. Thanks God for using me.

I love the ministry. Its hard work, but well worth it. Its great to see people growing each day closer to the Lord. I never want to quit pastoring. I can't imagine why anyone would! Sure there are tough times, hart trials, and seemingly impossible situations in life - but we serve a faithful God. He always comes through. Pastoring is about people. People need to transform into the image of Jesus and that takes a lifetime. If you are a pastor or someone in minsitry thinking about quitting because its too hard, remember: Jesus is Lord of all situations, even yours. He can give you the strength to endure. You are not a victim, you are a victor. I pray you'll walk worthy of the high call on your life and fix your eyes on Jesus instead of your circumstances. Hang in there and watch God work through you.


  1. I forgot to get you a birthday present...maybe commenting on every blog post is your present this year.

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