Monday, September 29, 2008

Golf Tournament Was Great

Saturday, we had the Family Church Men's 4-man scramble golf tournament at Pine Bluff Country Club. It was a benefit tournament to help kids go to Camp Dry Gulch this next summer. We raised about $3,500 which will send about 16 kids to camp! We'll do something else this spring and hope to pay for about 30 kids to go to camp who cannot afford to go. We hope to take about 70 kids this summer.

My team didn't come in last place, thanks to some very gracious players (notice I didn't say graceful). Special awards were given out - THE GOLDEN SHOVEL (for most shots in sand), THE GOLDEN DIPNET - (for most shots in the water), and THE GOLDEN SAW (for most shots in the woods). Last place received a bobble headed trophy along with king size Snickers (they got Snickers because everyone else had had plenty of "snickers" all day long watching them play. Luckily, I took my team out of the winnings or we'd have racked up on the prizes!

On hole 15, we faced our biggest obstacle - a king snake. After prolonging a restroom break, I headed to the woods and there discovered a 4 ft snake about 4 ft from me! Thanks to my team (who resembled 5 year old kids when in contact with a snake) I was saved.

What a great time with the men of our church! We raised a lot of money too for kids!

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