Thursday, January 8, 2009

On A Personal Note...

Ok, probably like everyone else, I have a few New Year's resolutions. I started working out again (twice this week already) at a local gym. I hope to lose a few pounds. I forgot how hard the stair stepper was! I remember running 5-7 miles a day in college with the soccer team. 10 minutes on the stair stepper is madness. Anyway...gotta press through the pain.

I'm trying to grow more in my spiritual life as well, that should be a given, shouldn't it? I'm reading though the Bible this year in the Message. If you've never done that, I would highly recommend it. I've never "studied" the weekly messages from my pastor. I've reviewed them, maybe looking up scriptures and the main point, but never in depth. I started writing the sermon study guides and sermon notes before the sermons for our Life Group curriculum. It has really helped a ton.

We are getting ready for a 21 Day Fast in our church. We are actually doing this with other churches around the U.S. and world. Those churches represent about 400,000 people. I'm getting ready for the fast by cutting out sweets and soft drinks - those are the most addictive for me. I'm doing the Daniel Fast, which is mostly fruits and vegtables on some days and juices on most days. I ordered the Daniel's Fast Cookbook to get some ideas.

I looked back at last year's goals and for the most part, I did good. I am purposely taking off one day a week and that day isn't Saturday or Sunday. It is non-stop for me starting about 3pm on Saturday till 9pm Sunday nights. It takes a lot to make the weekend services, groups and activities run smooth. I look forward to spending that time with my family and doing some projects around the house. I love working on things like the house or yard. It is pretty relaxing for me.

Anyway, I hope you set some goals and reach them this year.

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