Saturday, March 21, 2009

On a personal note...

The men's encounter retreat last weekend was awesome! 70 men had a great time growing in the Lord and 2 guys gave their lives to Christ.

Congratulations to our AWANA kids for coming in 1st place in the regional AWANA GAMES! They will go to Beebe April 4th to compete in the State AWANA Games.

My family has been on vacation this past week and we had a wonderful time together. I worked really hard, trying not to use email, internet, phones, texting, or anything else that had to do with work. That meant a lot to my wife and my kids to give them my undivided attention and not be thinking about the next project, outreach or event at church.

I'm still working out, but not as much I would like. Although, I did workout twice this week while on vacation - well, three times if you count the workout I did when I used my kids as the weights. That was fun, but not really a workout.

I'm looking forward to the Men's Meeting this Sunday night at church. I can't wait to see how God will grow the men of our church.

My pastor told me we passed the quarterly numeric goals for our Life Groups a month early!

I couldn't believe we doubled our church website traffic since the first of the year! We had 70,000 hits in January, 70,000 in February and are on target to have 100,000 hits in March! God is up to something!

Our Easter Passion Experience is scheduled for April 6-10 and we are expecting 10,000 visitors this year! I can hardly wait as people pour in to experience what Christ has done for them.

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