Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Passion Experience

Tonight was the last presentation of our Easter production at church - The Passion Experience. Approximately 7,000 people attended with our largest crowd tonight - 1,800+. Sadly, we had to turn away about 100 cars because we had no more seats or standing room available. That won't happen next year with more seating and production times. People still parked along the interstate and stood on top of their cars to watch. Nearly 50 decisions were made for Christ (that we know of...these are the ones came for counseling afterwards). Lots more hands went up for salvation than came forward for counseling.

Praise God for sending His Son Jesus to die for us - to be our substitute. Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. If Jesus had not been Resurrected, our preaching and presentation would have been foolishness and our faith useless. But thanks be to God for giving us the victory through Christ Jesus our Lord! Lord, keep us humble as we serve You and present Your perfect Gospel. Let God get all the glory and let His Church increase as souls are saved and disciples are made!

Thanks to all the cast, crew and servants who made this possible! May God bless you for all you did for the Lord and His Church.

Join us for our weekend Easter services - Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 10am.

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