Thursday, January 6, 2011

7 Things to Keep Leaders Fresh

I love being a pastor.  I am totally motivated by my calling.  I thank God that he counted me faithful and put me into the ministry (1 Timothy 1:12).  But leaders can get into real trouble fast. Leaders who are called or feel overwhelming passion for the ministry should remember these things:

1.  We tend to remember that we are Christians but forget that we are human.  We can't do everything.  Yes, the Holy Spirit's supernatural power will allow us accomplish more than we ever dreamed possible, but forcing things to happen or running off of human desire alone can wreck us.  Humans need rest.  Humans need replenishing.  Humans need resources. You are not above taking a sabbath. 

2.  Leaders must lead and are expected to lead even if the desire is not always there.  Others are looking to us are expecting us to use the ability and desires ingrained into our makeup.  That can be overwhelming and daunting at times.  You just have to remember who you are in Christ not who you think you are in you!  We must remember to rely on the Holy Spirit.  We must be in the word daily.  One thing about being called into ministry - you cannot escape who you are - it follows you wherever you go - it is what you think about 24/7. 

3.  Another danger is coasting on your past successes.  You start to just imitate the past instead of innovating the present and future.  Because of time crunches, demand, need for rest, etc. we step away from challenges that used to pump us up.  Don't back down from challenges or use experience only to meet them.  Call out to God to help you and invigorate you with the creativity you need to meet the demand He has set before you.

4.  Leaders tend to work on everybody's problems but their own.  Get those areas of your life that are out of control under control and watch your leadership expand.  Jesus went away to fast and pray - you have to also invest a lot of time in this.  Jesus took 40 days one time.  You can't work out your own hangups and issues in 5 minutes. Let the Holy Spirit work on you!  Leader's never clock out.  The drive is always there to do the work of the ministry.  Make sure you are being refreshed.

5.  Leader's cannot stay the same - they must grow.  Staying the same in your spiritual walk will not let you meet the demands that come your way.  You'll be faced with the pain and frustration of coming up short in helping people if you are not growing and sharpening your skills as a leader.  You won't change until the pain of staying like you are is bigger than the pain of changing.  Resource - find books, people who are doing it better than you, etc. 

6.  You must fight for your family spiritually.  You have to stand in the doorway of your home and beat back the things the world and Satan try to throw at them.  Leaders tend to find themselves fighting for everyone else's spiritual success and neglecting their families.  Listen, the people you lead love you, but normally are not fighting for you like you fight for them.  That's your responsibility.

7.  Leaders must be hungry.  Now there are some great old ideas and techniques that simply never grow old.  But many times old ideas won't get it anymore -even great old ideas.  You must be fresh.  Listen to the Holy Spirit for this.  Like I said before - resource!  Don't let your ministry flatline.  Let it beat vividly as you pump new ideas and fresh revelations into it as the Holy Spirit gives them to you.

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