Sunday, September 30, 2012

Loving My Kids

I spent Saturday morning at a prayer breakfast for the Hope Women's Resource Center.  This ministry serves hundreds of women each year in Pine Bluff and the surrounding area by providing free counseling, support, and practical help to those who are pregnant.  They have seen many women saved and also many who decided to keep their babies instead of following through with an abortion.  After the breakfast, we all went to an abortion clinic in Little Rock and prayed that women would have second thoughts and either choose adoption or to keep their child.  There is a Christian pregnancy clinic across the street from the abortion clinic that offers free counseling, ultra sounds, support, and practical things like diapers and children's clothing.  I prayed the abortion clinic would close its doors.  I prayed more women would enter the clinic across the street and choose adoption.  One of the ladies present with us shared her testimony of going through an abortion.  She said she wished someone had been there to help her.  She said if one person had talked to her about keeping her child she would have done it.  She was so desperate and thought that at the time there was no other option.  She has regretted her decision every day since but has felt the love and forgiveness of God in her life.  His grace and comfort has encouraged and strengthened her. 

I felt somewhat helpless as I prayed at the clinic.  While I was only there about 15 minutes, several women drove up, most alone.  I did not have a judgmental spirit whatsoever and neither did anyone else there.  Our hearts ached for those ladies.  Most were dealing with shame, confusion, guilt, and hopelessness.  My prayers go out to them.  Someone posed the question, "would we be willing to adopt the kids we were praying for?"  My answer - absolutely and without a second thought.  Christians can't hold anti-abortion signs and condemn abortions if they are not willing to take those children into their homes and love them like the Lord.  I hold nothing against the ladies there.  Some can't afford a child.  Some are not ready for a child.  Some are under great pressure from their partner and others are shocked, confused, and scared.  Most feel inconvenienced and incapable of raising a child.  But there are many who struggle with infertility and deep longing for children.  They would love to adopt or foster those children.  If you are struggling with this decision I pray you choose life.  God has chosen you to perform the miracle of creating a human being.  What an honor!  I prayed that day that the women would experience the great love of the Lord and an overwhelming sense of grace and peace.  Some people against abortion can be mean and insensitive.  They care more about being right and picketing than the real people involved.  Believers shouldn't be activists.  They should be compassionate and Christ-like.  Loving children and being pro-life is not a cause to conquer.  Its a characteristic of Christ to humbly live out. 

I can't imagine life without my kids.  What a blessing from the Lord!  I love seeing how God is growing them into women who love Him.  I pray each day they would give their lives to Christ (which I believe both have), they would be called into full-time ministry, and they would marry men who love the Lord.  Children are a joy from the Lord.  We should thankful, humbled, and honored He has graced us with their presence in our lives.  God has entrusted us with them and we are stewards over them.  I desire to be a dad to my kids that looks like God the Father.  I truly love them with all my heart and selflessly want to serve them.  I remember the joyful excitement both times I found out we were pregnant.  I am in utter amazement when it comes to the miracle of a child being created - and to know they are mine!  Lord, please enlarge my heart towards my kids.  I pray we raise them in such a way that they follow you all their lives.  Abby means "her father's joy".  What joy it is to be the father of Abby!  Kylee means "boomerang"...what joy it is when she comes around time and time again! 

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