Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Passion Experience

Day 4 of the Passion Experience will begin in a couple of hours. Monday night, we had about 750 people attend with several decision for Christ. Tuesday, it rained and with the high winds and lightening (we had 3 people on a lift 30 ft high, 3 people on crosses 15-25 foot high, 350 people sitting on metal bleachers, and about to send one guy up for the Ascension scene 40+ feet) we had to cancel the passion play with about 15 minutes to go. Wednesday night we had about 800+ people attend. Tonight and Friday should be our biggest nights. We put out 125 extra chairs tonight and are expecting 900-1000 the next two nights. Its been fun!

We've had radio spots, television interviews, newspaper articles written, hundreds of pictures taken, and hours of video footage from every angle possible. We have had great opportunities to lift up the name of Christ this week. I pray the next two nights bring in many salvations and people into God's church.

I'm putting together a DVD for cast/crew only and will have pictures and clips on the website soon.


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