Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What a week

The Passion Play is over - nearly 5,000 people heard the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had many decision for Christ and are following up on them.

One family who was in the play this year told me their first time to come to our church was when they drove by last year and saw us building the tomb for the play. They stopped and asked what we were doing and someone walked them through it all - they took the time to minister to that family. Now, this family has been part of our church since that day and was even involved in the play this year - even their two kids.

Several people in our church used the passion play as a tool to reach their families and friends for Christ. They brought them to experience God's amazing love.

Another family said they had driven by every day to work in Little Rock. they saw the activity each day and finally came on the last night - and the husband gave his life to Christ. They were in church this weekend as well!

Testimony after testimony keeps coming in on changed lives. Just think if we hadn't done this event and just "hoped" lives would be changed. What if we just thought "someone else will do it". What if we said, "these decisions won't stick". How naive. God wants to use each Christian to reach people for Christ. Bring back the heart of evangelism. Salvation began with what Christ did on the cross. It is presented to people to make a choice. After the choice comes following Christ and discipleship. Bring back the biblical command of making disciples.

I talked to another guy who hadn't been in church in several months who recommitted his life to Christ. Another lady came almost every night - just because she wanted to experience what Jesus had done again and again.

I saw tears and looks of amazement at what Christ had done. I saw people investigate their lives and come face to face with a living God. Thank you God for desiring to use us. What a humbling experience.

Passion Plays, drama in general, and other outreach events are just tools to communicate God's love to the world. they are not an end in themselves, but a means to reach people for Christ and help them discover God's plan for their lives.

God, help us to communicate you wherever we go in whatever means necessary to reach a world in need of a Savior.

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