Friday, October 24, 2008

What a Week

Kylee, my 4 year old, told me the funniest thing this past week. She has some new vitamins and they have Looney Tunes characters on them. We came across one she didn't know - Tasmanian Devil. She asked, "who is that?" I said, "The Tasmanian Devil or Taz." She said she was afraid of the devil. I laughed and said that Taz wasn't the devil, just a cartoon character. I told her the devil is real though but you didn't have to be afraid, only resist the devil and he will flee. She said, "what is resist?" I said it was to tell him "no". She said "what is flee? Is it like a collar for the cat?" Again I laughed and said, no it meant that he would run away from you. She was so excited that you could tell the devil no in Jesus name or quote scripture at him and the devil would run away. She then added, like only a 4 year old imagination could, that she knew the devil's mama and that she could tell on him as well. I didn't ask who the devil's mama was in fear it might be someone I know. hahahaha

This past week has been busy but good. We took some inflatable games to help raise money for one of the local schools (Redfield) last Friday night. I met several families and had some good conversations about the church with them. Saturday, about of us went to help clear some trees and debris off of a church member's house and land from a previous storm. What a great time of fellowship and being the church!

Saturday night church was great. Kids church was great that night as Haley and I led. Sunday night Life Group was great as well. We had a great discussion on the message and how we could be used for the Lord and His Holy Spirit wanted to empower us to do great things for the Kingdom.

Monday, Haley and I tried to take the girls to the pumpkin patch in Grady, but they were closed. Instead, we went to the park and had a great time. I had the privilege to speak to the ladies at the Hope Resource Center in Pine Bluff about the Lord on Wednesday and several of them signed up for things at the church like our Great Expectations program for expecting parents and Single Parent's ministry and Angelfood Ministry. Hope ministers to ladies who are pregnant, think they might be pregnant or have small children. They supply lots of services and Biblical counseling to ladies in need. The ladies that day earned 5 credits towards things like diapers, baby clothing, etc. Hope served us breakfast Thursday morning for Pastor appreciation month.

Wednesday AWANA went well. We had nearly 140 kids age 3-6th grade and saw a couple of kids give their lives to Christ. Thursday night concluded my class on "How To Share Your Faith". I saw several people become bold and confident in sharing their faith with someone they know and a couple of people were saved as a result of the classes. Tonight, we are having a worship service/brainstorming meeting for those age 18 through their 20's. We want to reach that age group for Christ and tonight we hope to develop even more of a core group to do that.

God is good. I was able to lead a lady to the Lord this past week. I have really been trying to talk to more people about their relationship with the Lord wherever I am - especially out in the community.

Fall Festival, formerly known as "Holyween" is next Friday night from 6-9 pm. We'll have pony rides, inflatable games, Segways, hayrides, free food (hot dogs, drinks, popcorn, cotton candy, etc). Angel Food distribution is this Saturday from 10-noon. Our Marriage Conference is this Sunday night at 6pm and is open to all married or engaged couples.

Lord, keep me humble so you can continue to use me for your service. If I ever think its about me, set me straight. Let all praise and glory go to Jesus Christ as we reach people for your Kingdom.

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