Monday, February 8, 2010

Offense, Defense or Nonsense?

The commercials of the Super Bowl are always a highly anticipated event. After all, companies spend millions of dollars on 30 seconds of advertising (some were good - some wasted millions).

One of the "controversial" ads was the Tim Tebow/Focus on the Family ad. It was about a mom who had a miracle baby - SEC standout and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. It ended with a Focus on the Family slide directing people to their website.

"NOW" (National Organization of Women) said the ad was "extraordinarily offensive and demeaning" because it advocated abuse against women. Tim Tebow "tackles" his mom in the ad. (They didn't say this when Betty White was tackled in another Superbowl ad. But she didn't have a commercial about promoting life either)

Lawyers on CNN were interviewed and tried to discredit Tim Tebow's mom's story because they say abortion was illegal and improbable in the Philippines (that's where they were when he was born). They basicly called her a liar.

Pro-Choice advocates were highly upset because of connecting the story of Tim Tebow and his mom with Focus on the Family - a highly pro-life organization.

So what was so offensive about the ad? There was a ton of hype about the ad before it aired. Liberals said, "it's just a way for pro-lifers to shove their message down people's throats". Sorry, chip and dip only during the Super Bowl I guess. But the occasional girl stripping and an ocean of beer commercials will do just fine for a "family event". I guess family and Super Bowl don't go together. Looks like it is reserved for seductive and alcoholic ads. The commercial probably would have worked if Tim Tebow's mom had worn a bikini and was downing a beer.

Pro-abortion and liberal organizations went crazy trying to stop this ad from airing. No surprises here. Pro-abortion organizations always go crazy when someone dares to even insinuate that a baby's life is more sacred than a woman's convenience. I wasn't surprised in the reaction of these pro-abortion organizations as they twisted this ad. After all, do we really expect them to invite before and after images of dismembered infants? They don't want the sad fact about abortions (otherwise known as murder) being displayed before millions of viewers. They want to mask the horror of killing kids behind women's rights. But none of this was in the ad.

The ad merely expressed how glad Tim Tebow's mom was about the birth of her son and her decision to make that choice. While it is obvious she values his life, the ad never mentions abortion, nor does it in any way endorse or promote any position on this topic. Don't you value your kids?

Ok, so he tackled his mom. (Come on guys - not really. It is called "humor". Have you ever seen him really hit someone in a game? He didn't hug them afterwards.) The president of The Women's Media Center said, "I think they're attempting to use humor as another tactic of hiding their message and fooling the American people." What! Are you suggesting that the people watching the Superbowl were so stupid, fools as you say, that they could have been tricked by Tim Tebow and his mom? I guess Doritos tricked me too because I ate some today. Women were not insulted by this ad. People everywhere, though, were insulted by her suggesting all the viewers were fools who could be duped. Focus on the Family and the Tebow's were not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. They simply were celebrating life.

I think the ad with a future pro football player celebrating life with his mom was very appropriate. It's about time we see something positive come out of pro football besides scandal, greed, and unfaithfulness (not to mention prison, selfishness, drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling issues, etc.).

We should, like the Tebow family, celebrate life. Choose life! Jesus came to give it abundantly.

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