Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ten Random Reasons I Wish People Would Just Shut Up, Do What God Says, and Stop Making Excuses, Step Up and Be the Body of Christ...

Ok, that is probably the longest title I've ever had for a blog or anything else but it doesn't get any more down to earth than that.

There are too many people in the Church who say they just can't do what God has called them to do.  Why is that?  Stop making excuses, surrender, and as someone once said "shut up and put up."  Here are ten reasons I think keep people from doing the Lord's work.
1.  People think too much about their inabilities and not enough about God's ability.  Stop saying you can't when God can!

2.  People think everything needs to make complete sense before they act.  Almost nowhere in scripture do God's instructions make complete sense. Stop waiting for all the answers and just have faith.
3.  People think God is going to give them easy tasks if they just wait around long enough.  What?  Almost nowhere in scripture are God's tasks easy.  Stop waiting around for perfect conditions and just obey.
4.  People don't think God could use them to do something great.  Mostly because they don't think they are greatly created, God is great, or He has great purposes for them.  What about the awesome things God dis throughout scripture through simple, every-day people? 

5.  People are more afraid of what others will think than what God thinks.

6.  People think they can't do what God says they can.  Stop calling God a liar.  Why would He keep bringing it up if He didn't think you could do it?

7.  People think someone else will do it.  If so, why isn't it getting done and why does He keep bringing it up in your mind?

8.  People think there is plenty of time to accomplish it.  Why get started today?  There's always tomorrow?  Have we forgotten that life is like a vapor - we are not promised tomorrow.  We must live in the now!

9.  People think they can never be as great as "such and such" Christian leader who has done huge things for God.  Why bother!  Remember, you are the next Billy Graham.  You are the next Apostle Paul.  One day, they will say, "If I were only like ___________ (put your name in the blank) then I could accomplish great things for God.  How do you do make this happen?  Live for Christ all your days, striving hard in reckless pursuit after Him, keep saying yes, trust and obey Him with great faith and then people will be adding your name to the list of those who did great things for Christ.

10.  People think too much.  Stop thinking and start trusting.  Stop analyzing everything and start accepting it.  Stop spinning your wheels and revving your engine.  No one is impressed until you actually burn rubber and get going somewhere. 

Think about this:
  • What if Noah had said, “I can’t build a boat that big.  Maybe if I took a few boat building classes first?”
  • What if Moses had said, "I can't lead all these people out of Egypt.  They'll never follow a murderer like me!"
  • What if Abraham had said, “I can’t relocate at this stage in my life.  What about my retirement?”
  • What if David had said, “I can’t fight that giant.  Someone else should step up and do something about this.”
  • What if Daniel had said, "I can't because I'm allergic to cats."
  • What if Jonah had said, "I can't because..."  Oh wait, he did say he couldn't.  See what happens when you make excuses?
  • What if Nehemiah had said, “I can’t build a wall around an entire city.  I don't know where to begin.  I'm not even a carpenter.”
  • What if Peter had said, “Remember me, I denied Christ to a little servant girl.  I can’t preach to all of these people on the Day of Pentecost.  Someone else should do it.”
  • What if Paul had said, “I can’t write all this stuff down.  No one wants to read what a murderer has to say."
We have to stop saying we can't because of us.  We have to start saying we can because of Him. 
God is able.  He will do it.  It is time to shut up with the "I cant's" and obey the voice of God.  Life is short.  Hell is hot.  Heaven is real.  God is able.  We are called. Victory is certain! 
Repeat after me, "I can do ALL things through Christ who give me strength."  Now, get off your fat excuses and start living on purpose for the Kingdom!

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  1. Amen Brother Stephens!! That Word was on point!!