Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Resist The Urge To Walk Away

Ever feel like giving up? Be honest. I've been there this week already and it is only Tuesday. Feelings are not the best indicator of how things are going - especially in ministry. How do you press on? How do you endure? How do you resist the urge to just quit?

Here is a simple formula:

Faith > Struggle = You Endure
Faith < Struggle = You Quit

The greatness of a man is not determined by what he achieves in life, but by what it takes to get him down. What does it take to get you down? Is it just a little? What is causing thoughts of quitting? How is your endurance? Better yet - how is your faith?

You have to move past resignation towards revolution. The urge to fight back has to overcome the urge to walk away.

Sometimes becoming great is simply resisting the urge to walk away. Don't walk away from what God has called you to. Let your faith rise up over your feelings. Resist the urge to walk away. Trust me, what is driving you to walk away is not nearly as big as what has driven you to stay to this point. The best, for those who resist the urge to walk away, is yet to come!

Here is a video of someone who didn't quit despite their problems:

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