Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten Random Thoughts on Teams

Teamwork is essential to success. We must learn how to function in our teams. We must learn how to be better teammates in whatever we do. Here are some thoughts on teamwork:

1. Team members work together. This precedes winning together.
2. Team members each have their own voice, but only one heart.
3. Team members resolve to always find solutions, not faults.
4. Team members improve themselves so the team will improve.
5. Team members are relational - they get along. Relationships are the glue that hold the team together.
6. Team members are prepared. Preparing is better than repairing.
7. Team members are not selfish - they put the other ahead of themselves. Getting separates. Giving unites.
8. Team members change for the benefit of the team. They are flexible.
9. Team members are dependable. Don't just do your best - do what is required.
10. Team members never quit - especially over petty issues or disagreements. When times get trying, don't quit trying.

- adapted from John Maxwell's book "The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player."

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