Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Random Thoughts

Ok. Here are some more of my random thoughts:

1. I was practicing baptizing my 6 year old daughter in the pool yesterday. We were going over what baptism means, Jesus' baptism, etc. She's almost ready. What a great teaching moment. My 3 year old daughter was in the pool as well and when I went over to her to play with her she cried and said "NO DADDY! I DON'T WANT TO BE BABBERTIZED." What makes that even funnier is that our nickname for her is "Babbs" or "Babber". Kids...

2. Don't trust a leader who won't admit when they need help. They are just trying to cover up that they are falling apart. If their favorite response to help is "I'm good" or "I've got this" it usually translates "I'm sinking fast and scared if you find out then I won't be the leader anymore." Everyone needs help.

3. Satan is a liar. The grass is usually greener on the other side because it is on top of a septic tank.

4. If you find someone successful the best question is not "what are you doing right?". The best question is "what did you do wrong?" or "what are you not doing?".

5. I've found that spending a few hours each week in one-on-one discipleship is worth it. I think I'm learning more that what I'm teaching. Everyone should spend consistent one-on-one time with someone else and talk about the Lord.

6. I get a lot out of my unplanned, non-agenda lunch time with the other pastors. We should do it more often.

7. Discipleship is a "crockpot" not a "microwave." See #5.

8. I'd love to be able over a lifetime to somehow document that I've preached through the entire Bible. Lord, let me live that long to see that accomplished!

9. We depend WAY TOO MUCH on technology to drive our churches. No one is a bigger fan of technology than me. If the power (not the Holy Spirit) went out in most of our churches, we'd have no idea how to do ministry. We'd just dismiss. (Maybe the Power has gone out). Maybe that's why David chose 5 stones instead of using Saul's technologically advanced armor!

10. Speaking of David and the stones - God is the ultimate Creator and the Master of creativity! Who else would use a little boy and a rock to prove He's God? He also asked Hosea to marry a prostitute. What! Jonah was swallowed by a whale. I wonder if that is the whole reason He made the whale. Maybe He thought, "one day..." He made the sun stand still with Joshua and then used a talking donkey with Baalam. That would FREAK ME OUT! Think about your dog talking to you about the Lord. He had Noah build a massive boat when it rained and flooded the earth - and it had never, ever rained before! What faith Noah had! He parted the Red Sea and had manna fall from heaven for food every day. What is manna anyway? It was God Grub! - and people complained! Losers. So then He rained down quail! I can't begin to imagine but I'm sure the people who saw it never forgot. God had the best and most memorable illustrations to show His greatness. I've got to get better with my illustrations to present Christ. Maybe I'll just tell about His.

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