Saturday, January 19, 2008

Angel Food Ministry

Our church does a ministry called Angel Food. It provides a family enough food for a week for $30 (one person could eat for a month on it). Its not just for people in need. Its for people who want to save money! We've been doing it for about 15 months and everything is going great. I decided to video the people serving in Angel Food today as they unloaded the truck, organized the food, and distributed it. They put together food for about 380 people today. I was amazed.

I got there about 7AM and the truck was late (it didn't arrive till after 11AM). When it did, our people went to work. It was a well-oiled machine! They had the truck unloaded and all the food organized in about 30 minutes. Now that's teamwork. Even though the truck was 4 hours late, our people never complained and worked harder than I've ever seen them. They greeted people as they came to pick up their food, prayed for needs, and joyfully carried bags out to the cars. There were several kids working alongside their parents as well. What a great ministry! It was a Saturday morning well spent. I'll post the video on our Angel Food web page as soon as its finished.

By the way, we got our sermons on the home web page now. Before, you could subscribe to our podcast, but you had to wait several minutes or longer to download each sermon. Now, you can see every sermon in the player and you can listen immediately while you download the file.

We also added a link to the baptism videos. There are 5 or 6 people's baptisms on there now and after this weekend there will be about 7 or 8 more! God is doing some amazing things at Family Church!


  1. Bro. Stephen

    Thanks for the great comments on our Angel Food Ministry.

    Yesterday you just got a very small taste of what our extraordinary Angel Food volunteers have been doing for the past 15 months. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING slows these folks down. Not rain, not heat, not cold, and no, not even a very late truck. Several of our folks had commitments Saturday afternoon that they had to cancel or delay yesterday because of the late truck, but everyone of them stayed until the job was done. Now thats commitment to what the Lord Jesus has assigned you to do.

    Again, thanks so much for the video taping and your kind comments.

    Roy Kline, Pastor, Family Church Angel Food Ministries.

  2. Wanna ship some Angel food across the country?

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