Friday, January 4, 2008

chuck e cheese please

Last night, Haley and I took Kylee and Abby to Churck E. Cheese to meet her three cousins. It was Abby's first experience there and they had a blast. We had two coupons that gave us 120 tokens for $10. Oh, Yes. The power of coupons.

On another note, I called to check on a couple I married that had their first baby about 4 months ago. The baby has been in Children's Hospital since she was born. She finally came home yesterday - praise the Lord. God has done some miracles in that little girl's life.

We're getting excited about our Life Group starting. I pray we can reach several young couples. We don't want to fill it up with "church folk". We really want to go after those not in church much or in a Life Group.

Go Huckabee!


  1. I guess I'll be going too Chuck E. Cheese pretty soon, huh?

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