Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a weekend!

I had a blast this past weekend. We went to WalMart Friday night and Kylee picked out her Hot Wheels car to race at the Awana Grand Prix the next morning. We practiced our "game face" and her acceptance speech (just kidding - maybe). Anyway, she raced the next morning and WON! I know, its not about winning, but when your kid wins, its cool. She was excited.

The other kids had a blast. It was fun watching parents and kids interact together and having fun. That was what it was all about. Grand Prix is a tool to bring families closer together. I was proud of all the kids and their Christ-like attitudes, no matter who won or lost. They had fun, and so did I.

We had to leave early to go to a family luncheon in Conway. After lunch, the girls went shopping and they guys were left to do what guys do best - put up a trampoline and keep the kids. I was experienced at trampoline physics and it only took about 45 minutes (it would have been shorter, but we didn't read the directions. Imagine that!).

Church was realy good. I taught Elementary Kids Church Saturday night and we had about 40 kids. Sunday morning was about 50 kids in elementary. I got to video tape a baptism this weekend also. Abby was absent from church because she decided to throw up on me right before church - at least i hadn't gotten dressed yet.

Sunday night was really good and packed - it was on marriage. I pray God brought marriages closer through it.

I got to meet several new folks this weekend. One new family talked about getting 2 of their kids baptized and another his three kids. I met 4 Chinese gentlemen who visited the church with one of our Chinese families. Several guys volunteered to help with the remodel of the house someone gave our church. I got to pray for several people from our Life Group this weekend as well.

I love my church. I love my calling. I love my ministry. I love my God.

Watch this video. we played it in church this weekend. Before you do, sit down because you'll need to jump up and shout during it.

i think i like this one better


  1. I think it can be a little bit about winning. It would not be fun if there were no winner.

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