Friday, January 25, 2008

The Passion Experience

Easter is fast approaching this year. Its actually in March and only about 7 weeks away. We are getting prepared for the outdoor passion play and its going to really be good. Sign-up for helping begins this weekend, but things have already begun to take shape. The sound system this year will blow you away. You'll feel every nail hammered and whip crack at the crucifixion. We are also putting in bleachers that were donated to increase our audience size to about 500-600. I'm in the process of reworking the soundtrack we used last year. It will have some background music and sound clips from the Passion of the Christ movie. A new logo is in the works and the advertising will triple what we did last year. We think we had about 2,000+ people come last year and are expecting and praying for 5000+ this year. We're showing a promotional video for those interested in serving this weekend. It has pictures of the cast and crew getting ready from last year all set to the song "Open Up The Gates" by Planetshakers.

All this excites me because more people will have the opportunity to experience what our Lord Jesus did for them. We are working really hard on the followup process for those who make a decision to follow Christ this year. That's the key. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime March 17-21.

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  1. I would say I'd be praying for you, but its already over.