Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feelings from the Lord's Prayer

Praying the Lord's Prayer will do wonders for you! Those 7 statements will guide you and discipline your prayer life.

Here is something I gained today while praying the Lord's Prayer:

Our - a family feeling
Father - an intimite feeling
Who is in heaven - a secure feeling
Hallowed be thy name - a reverent feeling
Thy Kingdom come - a majectic feeling
Thy will be done - a submissive feeling
On earth as it is in heaven - a confident feeling
Give us bread - a reliant feeling
Forgive us our debt - a cleansed feeling
Lead us not into temptation - a victorious feeling
Deliver us from the evil one - a triumphant feeling
Thine is the Kingdom - a dependent feeling
And the power - a magnificent feeling
and the glory - an exalted feeling
forever - an eternal feeling
Amen - a completed feeling

I pray these feelings come over you today when you pray the Lord's Prayer.

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