Friday, September 24, 2010


I just previewed the movie we are showing on October 10th at our movie night. "I AM". It was really good and used the 10 Commandments as a base for the film.

It got me thinking about them:

1. "No other gods..." Not power, not money, not fame - only Him. I will serve only You.
2. "No idols..." Nothing fake - just the absolute reality of Christ. I will bow only to You.
3. "Don't take His Name in vain..." I don't use Him to get ahead - He is the Head. I will honor You.
4. "Remember the sabbath..." It isn't work - it's worship. I will worship You.
5. "Honor mother and father..." Learning how to be a son, parent, and child of the Father. I will model after the Father and Son.
6. "Don't kill..." My anger isn't worth it - my forgiveness was. I will forgive.
7. "No adultery..." Devoted to my bride - I am His Bride. I will be loyal.
8. "Don't steal..." Tithing my time, talent and treasure to the One who gave it all. I will willingly sacrifice it all.
9. "Don't bear false witness..." Be real to myself and the world around me - walking in the Truth. I will live out the Truth.
10. "Don't covet..." I have everything in Him - You are Jehovah Jireh, my Provider. You are all I need. You are "I AM".

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