Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Odds and Ends

I went to a meeting last night for the table hosts for the Hope Women's Resource Center fundraising banquet. That place has really changed in such a short time! They now have an ultrasound machine and have remodeled the whole place. It looks incredible! Since about September, they have given almost 70 free ultrasounds to ladies. Statistics show that if women see their baby through ultrasound, they are 90% more likely to keep that child rather than abort it. It's great to be part of such a wonderful ministry. They were talking about an mobile RV that they want to purchase to reach the ladies of other smaller cities in the area. HWRC is located on 6th street in Pine Bluff across from the old Sears building.

I start my training as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) at the first of November. Is a program established to provide a voice for abused and neglect children brought to the attention of the courts. Voices for Children is the Court Appointed Special Advocate program established to provide a voice for the children of Jefferson and Lincoln counties, who have come to the attention of the court because of abuse or neglect, until a safe and permanent home is established. What Do Court Appointed Special Advocates Do? 1. They stand up for foster children so they'll stand a chance. 2. They serve as a fact finder for the judge by thoroughly researching the background of each assigned case. 3. They speak for the child in the courtroom, representing the child's best interest. 4.They continue to advocate for the child until a safe and permanent home is established. What a great opportunity to reach troubled families for Christ in Jefferson County!

I've been reading a ton on pro-life lately. Randy Alcorn has a lot of great things to say at his website - Type in "Pro life" in the search field.

Our Fall Festival is this Sunday night, October 31 from 6-9 pm. Last year, we had over 3,000 people in attendance - it was amazing! We have more games, activities and food this year and expect an even larger crowd. What a safe, family-filled, alternative to Halloween!

I'm reading through the Old Testament right now - did you know that the first recorded word of mankind was about marriage! (Genesis 2:23). God was the first dad to ever give his daughter away in marriage. He was the first pastor to ever perform a ceremony!

Go VOTE!!! November 2nd!!! Watch this video at

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