Friday, October 15, 2010

Ten Things About Leadership

Here are ten crucial points about leadership in ministry:

1. Inspect what you expect! You must evaluate your ministry before, during, and after. Don't just hope something is going like you want it.

2. Deal with the smoke before the blaze! If you sense a problem arising, take care of now before it gets out of control.

3. Bring correction early in the game. Don't let correction be something your people see you do seldom and abruptly. Let them know you correct all the time to point them and your ministry in the right direction.

4. Let your systems serve you! Stuff is meant to serve you, not you serve the stuff.

5. Make sure your people are not just WITH you but FOR you. If they are just WITH you, they will leave you when issues/problems arise. If they are FOR you, they will stick through thick and thin times.

6. You gain the people you serve.

7. Don't resist respectful push back from your people. Give them a chance for feedback and teamwork. You don't want "yes men" who just agree with you all the time. If they are on your team, they have the right for RESPECTFUL push back.

8. God is in the details! Make sure you go over every detail (or have someone assigned to the many details of your ministry).

9. Put more stock in the "touchdowns" rather than the "extra points" of your ministry. If you concentrate on the extras too much, your main stuff will suffer. What are your "must-do's", "should-do's" and your "could do's"? Prioritize and do the main things first and best.

10. Mercy must accompany truth! (Proverbs 3:3; Psalm 85:10)

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