Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When You've Messed Up...

Mess-ups happen. Usually, they are just what they titled - messy! What do you do when you've messed up? Recently, I made a HUGE mistake and mess-up. It was my fault, totally. I learned a lot through this experience.

Here is what I had to do and hopefully good advice on how to deal with mistakes:

1. Make sure you are not in sin. Check your heart. If you have sinned, repent and ask for forgiveness.

2. Make sure you are under authority. If your actions were intended to undermine your authority, you must repent.

3. Take ownership of your mistake! Don't try and blame others or find a small glimpse of bringing others into sharing the responsibility of your mistake. Especially don't lie or bend the facts. Nothing says "lack of integrity" like shifting blame.

4. Don't fall back on stupid sayings like, "Everyone makes mistakes" or "I'm only human". While true, these statements only communicate lack of responsibility and that you are only trying to weasel out of the consequences.

5. Be at the mercy of those you have hurt, wronged, or failed. Ask for forgiveness and the possibility of making the wrong right.

6. Be willing to accept the full consequences from your mistake - even if you don't agree with the consequences. Be appreciative of any grace or mercy.

7. Learn from your mistakes. How do we keep this from happening again? What processes or structure can we implement to prevent mistakes in the future?

8. Move on. After you've done everything you need to do - repent, make it right, etc. - move on. Nothing will put you more into neutral than being bummed out about something forever. How well you recover from mistakes is a sign of maturity. Don't quit saying your sorry over and over once restoration, restitution, or forgiveness has taken place.

Lord, let me always be quick to repent, quick to listen, quick to receive correction, and always be willing to remain in You and you in me.

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